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Lee's County Park Marina.The Lake Hopatcong Breeze reported in June 1979, that Lake Hopatcong, which is the largest freshwater lake in the State of New Jersey, is nine miles long, has forty-five miles of shoreline and lies at an elevation of 926 feet above sea level. The name is derived from the Leni Lenape word which means "Honey Waters From Many Streams or Coves".

This glacial lake originally appeared on the Vander Donk Map of 1656, but the first mention in a public record was made in 1714 by John Bull, a civil engineer and land surveyor, employed by James Logan, who purchased the area from the West Jersey Proprietors. The first Lake Hopatcong was comprised of two lakes or ponds, known as "Little Pond" on the north and "Great Pond" or "Brooklyn Pond" on the south. In 1827, when the Morris Canal was constructed, a dam was constructed in the environs of Lake Hopatcong State Park, which raised the water level by eleven feet, joining the two ponds into one lake.

Today, Lake Hopatcong remains a popular destination for boating and fishing. The generous gift of Lee's County Park Marina in late 1994 assures that this traditional destination is enjoyed by many future generations. Lee's County Park Marina has 110 boat slips, 9 moorings, and 3 boat launch ramps. The Marina was dedicated on June 7, 1995.

Park Features
  • Boat Launches
  • Boat Docks
  • Lake
  • Restrooms Handicapped Accessible Accommodations