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Puppy running through the grassRules

9 a.m. to sunset
Maximum two dogs per adult handler
  1. Current license tag must be visible on collar or leash
  2. Off-leash in fenced in area only. Dogs must be on-leash between car and fenced-in area
  3. Handler must maintain control of dog at all times and immediately separate dogs diplaying threatening behavior. No mounting. Protect your dog - prevent negative behavior
  4. Aggressive dogs must be immediately removed from the park
  5. Do not leave dogs unattended
  6. Fill holes and stop dogs from digging
  7. Clean up after dog and dispose of waste in approriate containers immediately. It is healthier for everyone. Pay particular attention during the first 5 minutes of your visit
  8. Children under 12 are not permitted. The adjacent picnic area is available. Not all dogs welcome a child's attention. Running can encourage a dog's herding instincts
  9. Children tend to approach dogs quickly, chase them, run, or tease dogs. This is a potentially dangerous situation. Children should use appropriate park areas
  10. Unacceptable behavior including bites to people or dogs must be reported immediately to Park Police at 973-326-7654
  11. No food for dogs or people in off-leash area
  12. Keep entry gate closed at all times - only one dog in entry area at a time. Unleash your dog as soon as you enter the gate. Leash him in the gate area as well, not in the fenced area
  13. Not recommended for dogs unger 6 months, as all vaccinatons are required. Puppies may be unprepared for boisterous play of bigger dogs - use small dog area
  14. No dogs in heat allowed. If your dog has been in heat, bathe it before using the area
  15. All Morris County Park Commission rules and regulations as posted in the directory, as well as municipal ordinances and State laws, apply at the dog park
  16. To volunteer at the dog park, as part of the Park Watch program, contact the Park Police at 973-326-7632.

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