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Park Sites & Locations for Group Picnics
Picnic Reservation Procedure
  • Groups of 25 or more persons utilizing any Morris County Park System area are required to book a reservation and obtain a permit.
  • All shelters, ball fields, campgrounds, play areas, and semi-permanent tents require a reservation.
  • 20' x 30' Semi-permanent tents are available at three park locations: Hedden Park/Concord Rd Area, Lewis Morris Park /Sunrise Lake Beach and Silas Condict Park/Areas B and D. Tents can accommodate up to 50 people.
  • Morris County residents may make a reservation starting the first working day of December for the following year.
  • Out of county residents may make a reservation starting the first working day of March for the same year.
  • Reservations are a must on all major holidays.
  • Reservations are processed through the Reservations Department, located in the Cultural Center at 300 Mendham Road, Morris Township. Office hours are 9:00-4:30 Monday through Friday. Changes to a permit can only be made during regular business hours.
  • There are three ways to make a reservation:
  • Fees vary for the different reservable areas. If a fee is not received within 30 days of the booking date, the reservation will be cancelled.
  • All picnic areas include grills and picnic tables, which are available for small groups (less than 25 people) without reservations.
General Information
  • Retain your copy of the permit and bring it with you to your event for identification. If an adjustment in arrival time is necessary, please call 973-326-7631 during regular business hours.
  • Reservations will be held for one (1) hour past the scheduled time after which the area will be made available to the public.
  • The exchange of money for services or merchandise is prohibited without specific written authority of the Park Commission.
  • Any misrepresentation of the information given to secure a permit may result in the denial of future permit requests.
  • The responsible adult (permit application signator) is obligated to see that group members conform to the regulations of the Park Commission. This adult is responsible for any damages which may be caused to Park Commission facilities.
  • All groups are expected to leave the area in a suitably clean condition, free from damage, debris and litter.
  • Reservation fees are not refundable. The fee may be applied to a future reservation within the same calendar year, provided that the reservations office (973-326-7631) has been notified of the rain cancellation within 48 hours after the scheduled event.
  • In the event of a postponement other than a rain cancellation, groups will be charged a full reservation fee for each new reservation, if cancellation is less than 30 days prior to the event date.
Special Information
  • A Park Police officer must be hired if a band or disc jockey is approved.
  • Use of alcoholic beverages must be authorized on your permit, in advance of your reservation date. Alcohol consumption is permitted only in your group's reserved area, as indicated on the permit.
  • All caterer vehicle information is required before a permit can be obtained. This information must be authorized on your permit in advance of the reservation date by the Reservations Office at 973-326-7631, so that catering vehicles will be permitted to use the Service Road.
  • Service Road use is restricted to drop off and pick up only. Long term parking on Service Roads is strictly prohibited. Please park in designated areas only. ADA accommodations can be made in advance.
  • Use of a tent at designated areas must be authorized in writing in advance by the Park Commission. An additional fee and proof of tent company insurance is required for picnic reservations.
  • The use of public address systems and other sound amplification must be approved in writing by the Park Commission, well in advance of your reservation date.
  • Groups are expected to separate glass and aluminum from their trash and dispose of these in marked containers.

Request an Outdoor Event Reservation
Request for a Haggerty Education Center Reservation

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