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Rules and Regulations

A complete set of rules and regulations may be found in the Morris County online library at Get this document online at or a complete text of the Rules and Regulations may be reviewed at the Morris County Park Commission Headquarters located at The Frelinghuysen Arboretum, 53 East Hanover Avenue, Morris Township, New Jersey.

Summary of General Rules and Regulations

  1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, except by group permits in reserved areas, is prohibited.
  2. Parks close at sunset or as otherwise posted or announced.
  3. Pets must be restrained by a leash not exceeding six feet in length. Pets are not permitted at golf courses, outdoor or environmental education centers, arboreta and sports arena.
  4. No person shall feed any animal or waterfowl any food or other substance except such food or substance expressly permitted by the commission.
  5. No person shall damage, deface, remove or tamper with any property within the Morris County Park System.
  6. All the Provisions of the New Jersey State Motor Vehicle Act and traffic laws shall apply in the parks and shall be strictly enforced. Visitors are required to park in designated areas only. Motorized off-road vehicles and snowmobiles are prohibited.
  7. Groups of twenty-five or more persons utilizing any park commission facility are required to make reservations and obtain permits.
  8. Bathing, swimming and wading, boating, horseback riding, bicycle riding, skate boarding, roller skating, in-line skating, ice skating, cross-country skiing and sledding are permitted only at such times and places as designated.
  9. No person shall build, light, maintain any fire or discard any burning materials except in designated areas provided for such purposes.
  10. No person shall solicit, advertise or sell any item within the park system without the written authorization of the park commission.
  11. No person without a permit shall hunt on park commission land. No person shall fish in any park commission waters without a New Jersey fishing license. No person shall possess any weapon as defined in NJSA 2C:39-1 unless a permit has been issued by the park commission.
  12. No person shall erect or maintain a tent or shelter and/or camp in any area except in designated sites provided for such usage.
  13. No person shall throw, deposit or leave litter or recyclable material within the park system except in designated receptacles provided.
  14. The Park Police Officers have the right and power to enforce all the rules and regulations of the park commission, and violators of the rules and regulations may be directed to leave and may be subject to further penalties as determined by the park commission or statutes.

Summary of Boating Rules (applicable where boating is permitted)

  1. All patrons are required to wear life preservers.
  2. Patrons shall refrain from rocking, tipping, or otherwise operating the boat in an unsafe manner.
  3. Boats shall dock at designated areas only. Landing boats at any other area is strictly prohibited.
  4. Patrons utilizing boats shall maintain a safe distance from the dam or other hazardous areas.
  5. Patrons are required to remain seated in the boats at all times. Swimming or jumping in the water from the boat is prohibited.
  6. Patrons will be required to return the boats to the dock when the lake is deemed unsafe by the boat attendant or Park Commission representative.
  7. Patrons are required to conform to limits on the number of occupants and weight load per boat.
  8. Any patron destroying Park Commission property will be directed to leave and be further liable for damages.
  9. Food or drink is prohibited on any boat.
  10. Pets are prohibited on boats.
  11. Children under the age of fourteen in boats must be accompanied by an adult.
  12. Only Park Commission approved boats are permitted for use on waterfront areas.

Specific Rules & Regulations for The Frelinghuysen Arboretum

  1. The following are prohibited except as authorized by a specific permit issued by the Park Commission: fires, pets, bathing, boating, ice-skating, sledding, roller skating, in-line skating, skate boarding, horseback riding, bicycles (except in areas where personal vehicles are permitted).
  2. Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Cross-country skiing is permitted when conditions are appropriate.

Patriot's Path

Trails depicted on the Patriot's Path site map are subject to regulations of respective federal, state, county, municipal, and private managing entities. Please observe posted restrictions. No motor vehicles allowed. Jockey Hollow trails and posted sections of Patriots' Path are closed to biking. Various restrictions elsewhere. Foot travel permitted throughout.

Trail Users: CAUTION

Hunting may be permitted in some Morris County parks between the months of September and February in accordance with the Morris County Park Commission’s White-tailed Deer Management Program. These parks are subject to change each year. Please refer to the Morris County Park Commission’s hunt schedule for park and trail closures in Morris County parks.

Please be aware that several trails that are managed by the Morris County Park Commission pass through properties that are not owned by the Park Commission. These trails include Patriot’s Path and the Columbia Trail. Hunting may take place on these properties according to different schedules. Trail users should contact the applicable town or State agency for more information about hunting schedules in these areas.

“Hunter orange” clothing is suggested during hunting season. In accordance with the Morris County Park Commission’s rules and regulations, all park users must stay on trails at all times.

Policies and Procedures