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About the Morris County Park Commission

  • The largest county park system based on acreage
  • Steward to 20,437 acres of parkland
  • Includes 38 facilities: historic sites, golf courses, outdoor educational and recreational facilities, arboreta, conservation areas, 253 miles of trails, and ice-skating arena
  • More than 4 million visit our parks each year
  • Award-winning programs, special events, and activities for all ages
  • Staff includes 155 full-time, 36 seasonal and part-time employees
  • Hundreds of volunteers contribute more than 2,800 hours annually

Park Statistics

Publicly Accessible Acres of MCPC Managed Lands by Municipality

As of January 1, 2023

MunicipalityROSI Acres (Deed)
Boonton Twp611.92
Chatham Twp877.57
Chester Boro0.00
Chester Twp2,047.55
East Hanover44.36
Florham Park67.99
Mendham Boro7.68
Mendham Twp1,018.80
Mine Hill193.06
Morris Twp1,555.31
Mountain Lakes19.26
Mount Arlington13.17
Mount Olive291.69
Long Hill706.43
Rockaway Twp644.90
Bedminster Twp44.10
Sparta Twp419.46
Roseland Boro0.00

Recreation and Open Space Inventory (ROSI)

As of January 1, 2023

FacilityDeed Acres
Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center & Willowwood Arboretum823.32
Berkshire Valley Golf Course497.48
Central Park of Morris County420.08
Columbia Trail107.87
Cooper Gristmill & Kay Center860.14
Craigmeur Recreation Complex61.81
Flanders Valley Golf Course413.15
Fosterfields Living Historical Farm230.38
Frelinghuysen Arboretum123.82
Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center44.98
Hedden County Park419.59
Historic Speedwell8.22
Hugh Force Park8.78
James Andrews Memorial County Park595.68
Jonathan’s Woods559.62
Lees County Park Marina13.17
Lewis Morris County Park2,213.01
Loantaka Brook Reservation/Seaton Hackney Stables912.66
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation/Saffin Rock Rill3,587.44
Minnisink Reservation328.06
Miscellaneous Site P23.81
Mount Hope Historical County Park443.78
Mount Paul Memorial County Park297.91
Old Troy County Park161.73
Passaic River County Park847.45
Patriots’ Path485.61
Pigeon Hill Wetlands Project13.23
Pinch Brook Golf Course101.52
Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area1,678.32
Schooley’s Mountain County Park823.00
Silas Condict County Park1,513.40
Sunset Valley Golf Course219.09
Tourne County Park561.09
Traction Line Recreation Trail15.16
Waughaw Mountain Greenway472.35
West Morris Greenway505.59
William G. Mennen Sports Arena18.16
Grand Total20,437.05

Trails by Surface Type by Management Agency

SurfaceMCPC HistMCPC HortMCPC NorthMCPC SouthMCPC WestOtherTotal
Porous Pavement0.00000.43900.00000.00000.00000.00000.4390
Stone Dust0.24000.19100.80804.24209.76900.126015.3760
Other Surface0.00400.72000.01900.35000.00200.04301.1380

Paved Vs. Unpaved Surface Management

TotalsMCPC HistMCPC HortMCPC NorthMCPC SouthMCPC WestOtherTotal
Total Paved Surfaces*1.172.354.2724.4612.5214.3759.1530
All Other Surfaces2.5326.4352.2039.6953.7919.64194.2660
Grand Total3.7028.7856.4764.1566.3134.02253.42

*Paves surfaces include asphalt, concrete & porous pavement

Formation of the Morris County Park Commission

  • Established in 1956 by voter referendum by authority of NJSA 40:37-95.1 et. Seq.
  • Lewis Morris County Park in Morris Township was the first park dedicated in March 1958 with 350 acres
  • The second park acquisition was 75 acres now known as James Andrews Memorial Park in Randolph.

The Mission

The Mission of the Morris County Park Commission is to develop and preserve a dynamic and unique system of diverse natural, cultural and historic resources, and to provide innovative education and recreation opportunities of regional value, while exercising environmental and fiscal responsibility.

Vision Statement

The Morris County Park Commission is committed to excellence in providing for a growing and diverse system of regional parks, recreation facilities, trails, historic sites, arboreta and open spaces of county, state and even national significance that:

  • connects people with the natural environment
  • offers outstanding visitor experiences
  • manages its resources to balance recreation, education, conservation and historic preservation
  • enhances the quality of life for current and future generations