Toddler Trek

Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center, 247 Southern Boulevard, Chatham Township, NJ 07928.

Ages 2 - 5 with an adult.

April 13: Earth Day - Every year in April, we celebrate the Earth and all that it provides to us.  Listen to a story and take a walk to witness the beauty of nature and to learn how we can help take care of it.

April 27: Move Like the Animals - How do animals move through nature? Join a naturalist to scurry, squirm, fly, run, hop and more!  Hear a story about animals on the move, and then hit the trails to see if we can mimic the movements of the animals we see.

May 11: Spring Sprouts - New plants are peeking out all over the Great Swamp!  Enjoy a story and a hunt for these new spots of green popping up from the ground, in the water, and on the tips of branches.

May 25: Sensational Senses - So much is happening in the natural world in spring; it's a feast for the senses!  Let's use our senses to experience and explore nature with a story and a guided nature walk.

June 8: Beautiful Bees - All kinds of bees are busy visiting flowers to gather pollen and nectar.  Learn what kinds of bees live in the Great Swamp, why they sometimes sting, and many more facts with a story and a guided walk.

June 22: Terrific Turtles - The sun's warmth brings the turtles out to bask on the pond for all to see.  Discover what makes turtles so special, hear a turtle story, and walk to the pond to look for our shelled friends. Then meet a real LIVE turtle up close!

Cost: $6 per child.

Contact: Preregistration is required.  For more information, call 973.635.6629.

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