Athletic Fields
Adults and children of all ages enjoy our variety of athletic facilities. We have multiuse artificial turf fields, softball fields, inline rinks, and volleyball courts.  Depending on your needs we offer a range of ways to book facilities. Leagues, programs and events can apply online months in advance and confirm the availability of their fields with plenty of time to plan their seasons. Residents who just want a space for an event or practice can also book.
Application for Athletic Facility Rental:  Softball, Soccer (grass), Volleyball (sand), Kickball, and Cross Country

Cross Country Courses

  • Central Park of Morris County
  • Loantaka Brook Reservation
  • Silas Condict County Park
  • Lewis Morris County Park

Inline Rinks

  • Central Park of Morris County (Rink 1&2) - Lights Available


  • Challenger Field at Central Park of Morris County - Lights Available
  • Loantaka Brook Reservation (Kitchell Road)
  • Lewis Morris County Park (Sugarloaf Ball Field)
  • Lewis Morris County Park (Sunrise Lake Ball Field)

Multiuse Artificial Turf Fields

Soccer, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Lacrosse, Football, Cricket

Soccer Fields

Game Fields - September - November Only  (lined with goals)

  • Loantaka Brook Reservation (South Street)
  • Old Troy Park

Practice Areas - April - November (no lines and no goals)

  • Lewis Morris County Park
  • Hedden County Park (Ford Street)
  • Hedden County Park (Concord Road)
  • Loantaka Brook Reservation (Kitchell Road)
  • Mahlon Dickerson Reservation (Ball field A)
  • Passaic River County Park
  • Schooley's Mountain County Park

Softball Fields - April 15 - November 30

With the exception of:
  • Loantaka Brook Reservation Softball Field A
  • Loantaka Brook Reservation Softball Field B
  • Old Troy County Park Softball Field
These fields are available April 15 - Labor Day

Volleyball (Sand Courts)

  • Central Park of Morris County (Court 1&2) - Lights Available