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Mennen Sports Arena (MSA) is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for the development and continued growth of aspiring figure skaters who have passed Basic 4 and above. The Mennen Sports Arena Aspire program is 100% focused on becoming a better figure skater! The basis of the curriculum used is in partnership with the U.S. Figure Skating program.

Our staff of instructors with their years of experience in coaching figure skaters will take their knowledge and combined training and the materials that the U.S. Figure Skating Aspire program provides to its members to teach, train and engage your skater in a small group environment.

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Spring 1 – 2024

March 2nd – April 30th

Tuesday   4:15pm-5:45pm

Saturday – 9:15am-10:45am

Spring 2 – 2024

May 4th – June 15th

Tuesday   4:00pm-5:30pm

Saturday – 9:15am-10:45am

Aspire Class description:

Off-Ice Conditioning:

The Aspire Figure Skating Team targeted off-ice conditioning program is designed to strengthen muscles, further develop balance and coordination as well as bring dance, choreography and musical interpretation that will be utilized as you train to be a figure skater.

On-Ice Training and Focus:

Skaters will all be on the ice together, regardless of Figure Skating Team Level. This lends to an environment to set goals and aspire to the next level. Skaters will be grouped together with their team but may also be working with another team in their group rotations. This environment will continue understanding of how skills develop from level to level., similar to the progressive curriculum learned in learn to skate classes. On ice-training will vary week to week to keep skaters engaged, having fun and learning new things. The following is a basic outline of the areas of focus:

Program Components:

As a figure skater enters into the next phase of their development. There are three program components that should be the area of focus and they are skating skills, performance and interpretation.

Skating Skills (Speed): Defined by overall cleanness and sureness, edge control and flow over the ice surface demonstrated by a command of the skating vocabulary (edges, steps, turns, etc.), the clarity of technique and the use of effortless power to accelerate and vary speed.

Performance (Delivery): Involvement of the skater/pair physically, emotionally and intellectually as they deliver the intent of the music and composition.

Interpretation (Feeling): The personal, creative and genuine translation of the rhythm, character and content of the music to movement on ice.

Technical Elements:

Spins: Skaters will focus on spins and the quality of all three basic positions – upright spin, sit spin and camel spin and eventually combination spins and change combination spins.

Jumps: Skaters will focus on jumps and proper technique on singles and eventually combination jumps.

Intro to Skating Skills: Skaters will gain an introduction to USFS Skating Skills Tests (Moves in the Field), developing power skating, edges and turns. Skaters will be taught the next progression of figure skating testing as well as the pathway to multiple different avenues of figure skating which all starts with Skating Skills. All disciplines of figure skating require different levels of skills and the formalized testing structure begins with Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills. These skills learned while being a member of the Figure Skating team will eventually lead to the skater testing their Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills test at a U.S. Figure Skating test session held by the Skating Club of Morris held at Mennen Sports Arena. There are eight (8) Skating Skills levels.

What is the cost of an Aspire class?

6- week semester: $220.00

7-week semester: $245.00

8-week semester: $270.00

9-week semester: $295.00

All skaters are required to have their own figure skates that are appropriate for the level of skills in which they are working-on. If you should have any questions regarding this, please contact the Skating School Administrator.

Are there any discounts for the Aspire classes?

*10% off a 2nd family member’s enrollment.

*20% off a 3rd family member’s enrollment.

*Sign-up for two classes per week for the same skater and get 15% off of the second-class fee.

What does registration for the Aspire class include?

  • Learn to Skate USA Membership (July 1st– June 30th)*
  • Ice Time (1 hour of ice-time on Tuesday and/or Saturday)
  • Coaching by Certified U.S. Figure Skating Instructors and Professional Skaters Association Members
  • Off-Ice Conditioning Class (20 minutes on Tuesday and/or Saturday)
  • Parent Education (Special Sessions)
  • Skater Training Binder (to be brought each day of class)
  • Holiday Show and Spring Show Group Number cost included

*An Aspire membership is offered through the Skating Club of Morris.  This membership is designed for skaters transitioning from the Aspire Learn to Skate program to a Skating Club of Morris introductory membership and offers many benefits to introduce your skater to the figure skating community at Mennen. The fee is $45 for a yearly membership. For more information contact the Skating Club of Morris directly at:

Mennen Ice Sessions

Mennen Sports Arena offers Mennen Ice Sessions which is contracted ice that is purchased in advance.  Sessions are offered throughout the year.  If contracting ice you must contract for the entire session. Contracted ice is $16.00 for a 60-minute session and $24 for a 90-minute session for the length of the contract.

Walk-On fees, if space is available is $20.00 for a 60-minute session and $30 for a 90-minute session. Walk-on ice is not posted until 24 hours before the start time of each session. Additionally, walk-on sessions are not available the first week of a new season.

We encourage you to contract ice if you plan on scheduling a lesson on any of these sessions so that you are guaranteed the space. We limit Mennen Ice and all freestyle sessions at Mennen Sports Arenas to 28 skaters with no exceptions. 

Upcoming Mennen Ice

Spring 2024 – March 4th – June 20th.
** Registration for new customers begins on Wednesday, February 14th

Freestyle Sessions


Mennen Sports Arena offers Freestyle sessions throughout the year. Sessions may be designated as low, high, dance, adult or open for practice and for lessons. These sessions are for lessons for singles, dance and other skating disciplines as well as practice for those that have experience skating and unless otherwise specified, these sessions are open to all ages and levels.

These sessions are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Sessions are limited to 28 skaters. Please see the below link for available freestyle sessions and to pay for your session online. All available sessions are in blue. Unavailable sessions are in grey and not available that day.   

Camps, Clinics & Shows

Mennen Sports Arena offers camps, clinics and shows throughout the year for figure skaters of all levels.  Skaters of all ages and disciplines participate in our yearly Holiday Show as well as our Spring Ice Show.

Additionally, we offer specialty clinics throughout the season that can be found below.

Upcoming Camps:

Skating Club of Morris New Jersey

The Skating Club of Morris, based at the William G. Mennen Arena, is a U.S. Figure Skating Association sanctioned club with over 200 members. The Club runs a number of ice sessions each week as well as seminars, showcases and competitions, including the Morris Open each Spring. Club members represent all levels of figure skating from beginners to national competitors. The coaching staff includes several Olympians as well. Members compete locally, regionally and nationally in many skating disciplines including freestyle, ice dancing and synchronized skating. There is something for everyone and membership is open to all ages!

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