Campout on the Beach – Storm Cancellation

Due to the forecasted thunderstorms we’re postponing Campout on the Beach originally scheduled for tonight, June 14, to our rain date of June 21.

Rules & Regulations

All Morris County Park Commission Rules and Regulations covered under Articles I-XII shall be enforced.


  • Injury, disturbance, damage, or removal of a structure, rock, plant, cultural material, bird, or animal is prohibited.
  • Feeding of any animal is prohibited at all times.
  • Weapons and firearms are prohibited at all times as defined in NJSA 2C:39-1 and Article III, Section 11.
  • Pets must be kept on leashes not exceeding 6 feet in length. Pets are not permitted at golf courses, outdoor education centers, environmental education centers, arboreta, and the sports arena.
  • Fires are permitted in designated areas only. Charcoal must be used in grills and wood in campfire areas. Visitors are required to place all trash in receptacles provided.
  • Motorists will observe posted speed limits, and N.J. Motor Vehicle Statutes will be enforced. Visitors are required to park in designated areas only. Motorized off-road vehicles are prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted.
  • Parks close at sunset or as otherwise posted or announced.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages, except by group permits in reserved areas, is prohibited.
  • Groups of 25 or more persons utilizing any Park Commission area or facility are required to make reservations and obtain permits.
  • Bathing, boating, horseback riding, bicycle riding, skate boarding, roller skating, in-line skating,
    ice skating, cross-country skiing, and sledding are permitted only at such times and places as designated.
  • Soliciting is prohibited, except with the permission of the Park Commission.
  • The erection of any structure, tent, or platform without specific permission of the Park Commission is prohibited.
  • No patron shall make, give, offer, or promise directly or indirectly, either in his own behalf or on behalf of another, to any Park Commission employee, a cash or any other type of payment in excess of the amount charged and posted for admission, use fees, security/safety or other services provided by the Commission.
  • Patrons shall behave in a cautious and courteous manner at all times. Inappropriate behavior or endangering the welfare of other patrons or personnel may result in expulsion from the facilities and possibly other penalties, as provided by law.
  • All Morris County Park Commission Rules and Regulations shall be enforced.

Rules and Regulations may also be reviewed at the Morris County Park Commission Headquarters.

Morris County Park Commission Headquarters

300 Mendham Road
Morris Township, NJ, 07960