Picnic Area Information

Reservation Procedure

Reservations Accepted: January 1st for the current year online (for small picnic sites) OR the first business day of the year to make reservations through the Reservations Department.

Clubs, organizations, businesses and groups of 25 or more persons utilizing any Morris County Park System area are required to make a reservation and obtain a permit.

Non-reservable Picnic Areas:
May include 1 grill and 1-2 picnic tables. These areas are available for small unorganized groups (less than 25 people) without reservations.

Reservable Picnic Areas:
Include larger picnic areas with grill/s and 3 or more tables, shelters, and semi-permanent tents. All shelters and semi-permanent tents require a reservation no matter the group size.
***Reservations are required for all major holidays.***

Making a Reservation:
Picnic Area Reservations for 75 people or less: Book Online

Tent, Shelter and Ball Field Reservations or groups larger than 75 people: Complete the Indoor/Outdoor Reservation Availability Request Form and someone from the Reservation Department will contact you. Requests will be handled in the order that they are received and by date requested.

Restroom Buildings open in May and will be closed in the month of October.
Portable restrooms will be available onsite if the restroom is closed.

Retain your copy of the paid invoice and bring it with you to your rental for identification. If an adjustment is necessary, contact the Reservation Department.

The Permit Holder is obligated to ensure that group members conform to the regulations of the Park Commission. This adult is responsible for any damages which may be caused to Park Commission facilities.

Any misrepresentation of the information given to secure a permit may result in the denial of future permit requests.

All groups are expected to leave the area in a suitably clean condition, free from damage, debris and litter.

Additional Information:


Office hours are 9am – 4pm Monday through Friday.
Changes to a permit can only be made during regular business hours.