Program Length: 3 Hours

  • Forestry

    Trees are a crucial part of our habitat and in this workshop, with the help of Merit Badge Counselors, scouts […]

  • Gardening

    Working with staff who are Merit Badge Counselors, scouts will begin working on requirements #2, #4, #5, and #8 and […]

  • Indian Lore Merit Badge

    Learn about the history of the Lenape people while completing your Indian Lore Merit Badge. Tour an authentic model wigwam, […]

  • Mammal Study Merit Badge

    Walk the trails to find mammals and their sign, discover how mammals are classified, and take part in a service […]

  • Plant Science

    What better place to learn about plants, botany, and horticulture than at an arboretum? With Merit Badge Counselors, in this […]