Program Location: Historic Speedwell

  • Cast from the Past

    Work for the Speedwell Ironworks for a day! During the early American Industrial Revolution, the Speedwell Ironworks manufactured iron objects, […]

  • Dig It!

    Historic Speedwell offers archaeologists-in-training the chance participate in a hands-on dig while learning archaeological techniques as well as the importance […]

  • Dream of Steam

    Visit Historic Speedwell and learn how steam revolutionized power in the 19th century. This program discusses the evolution of steam […]

  • Hearth and Home

    Cook as people did 150 years ago!!During this open-hearth cooking program, students will follow a period receipt and prepare a […]

  • Messages Through time

    From the telegraph to the text message, the last two hundred years have seen amazing advancements in how information is […]

  • X Marks the Spot

    Museums aren’t just filled with art, airplanes, and armor. Written primary source documents, maps, and manuscripts provide writers and researchers […]

  • Papermaking

    Join staff to delve into the art of papermaking. Your instructor will show historic examples of the papermaking process and […]

  • The Life of the Vails

    Discover and explore the role of family, industry, the telegraph, and civics during interactive program. Our group will participate in […]

  • A Man and a Brother

    Students will hear the story of a fictional account of one girl’s experience with the Underground Railroad during which they […]

  • Blacksmithing

    Participants learn the basics of blacksmithing from an experienced instructor. Beginner blacksmiths are welcome. Each participant will create their own […]