Program Type: School Field Trips

  • Get Lost!

    Combine science, math, and history by experimenting with basic map and compass use. Following a series of hands-on activities, teams […]

  • Plant Parts with a Purpose

    Students take a hands-on look at the parts of plant, explore the gardens looking for those parts in action, learn […]

  • Got Plants?

    Learn the ways that plant breeders and scientists grow new plants without using seeds? Student will then propagate a different […]

  • Plants in a Package

    Discover how a tiny seed can contain everything to make a full-grown plant and how seeds find the perfect place […]

  • A Tale of Two Houses

    Learn about the people who lived and worked at Fosterfields and in the Foster family home, The Willows. Explore the […]

  • Great Swamp Ecosystems

    Explore a variety of habitats and discover their defining characteristics and unique species. A special emphasis is placed on current […]

  • Sap to Syrup

    Discover the sweet secrets of making maple syrup through indoor and outdoor activities. This lesson focuses on the history of […]

  • Adapt or Die!

    How do plants survive all the different conditions found around the globe? Plants have some pretty sneaky tricks called adaptations! […]

  • Hearth and Home

    Cook as people did 150 years ago!!During this open-hearth cooking program, students will follow a period receipt and prepare a […]

  • Sense-Ational

    Through hands-on discovery, kids enjoy experiencing nature using their senses while learning how animals and plants use their senses to […]

  • Apple Cidering

    Discover the apple’s place in history and the natural world by preparing and grinding apples, turning the old-fashioned press, collecting […]

  • Industrial Revolution

    Students tour our 1800s water powered mill and see the system at work as we discuss the ways these inventions […]