Program Type: School Field Trips

  • Sap to Syrup

    Discover the sweet secrets of making maple syrup through indoor and outdoor activities. This lesson focuses on the history of […]

  • Sense-Ational

    Through hands-on discovery, kids enjoy experiencing nature using their senses while learning how animals and plants use their senses to […]

  • Simple Machines

    Did you know that the Mill is actually one huge compound machine, made up of many simple machines working together […]

  • Stream Critters and Clean Water

    Did you knokw that tiny creatures hiding in the stream bed can tell us how clean the water is? Learn […]

  • The Plants Around Us

    All the parts of plants and trees have important jobs to do. Learn what they are through hands-on examination, and […]

  • Trees – King of the Garden

    Explore the different tree collections of the arboretum and learn how trees work, their place in the eco-system, use some […]

  • Whose Home?

    Students compare and contrast forest, meadow, swamp, marsh, and pond habitats through firsthand observation. Search for unique animals and plants […]

  • Green Pioneers

    Today’s world requires creative solutions to keeping our environment healthy and our communities sustainable. During our 90-minute tour and green […]

  • Dream of Steam

    Visit Historic Speedwell and learn how steam revolutionized power in the 19th century. This program discusses the evolution of steam […]

  • Adapt or Die!

    How do plants survive all the different conditions found around the globe? Plants have some pretty sneaky tricks called adaptations! […]

  • Apple Cidering

    Discover the apple’s place in history and the natural world by preparing and grinding apples, turning the old-fashioned press, collecting […]

  • Awesome Adaptations

    How do animals avoid predators on the prowl, attract the best mates, and survive the winter cold? Take a guided […]