Program Type: School Field Trips

  • Backbone Bonanza

    Compare and contrast characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates as students handle a multitude of touchable nature objects and learn how […]

  • Blazing the Way

    Get a taste of life in the 1700s and how the natural world shaped the lives of the Pioneers. Make […]

  • Cara’s Farm

    Experience the farm as it appeared in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Learn the history of the farm […]

  • Cast from the Past

    Work for the Speedwell Ironworks for a day! During the early American Industrial Revolution, the Speedwell Ironworks manufactured iron objects, […]

  • Cool Creepy Crawlies

    Transform the teacher into a giant insect to learn about the physical characteristics of insects and their relatives! Then meet […]

  • Dig It!

    Historic Speedwell offers archaeologists-in-training the chance participate in a hands-on dig while learning archaeological techniques as well as the importance […]

  • A Tale of Two Houses

    Learn about the people who lived and worked at Fosterfields and in the Foster family home, The Willows. Explore the […]

  • Family Life in Milltown

    Discover family life in an1880s community while engaging in historic daily chores such as sawing wood, washing clothes, bagging flour, […]

  • Fantastic Forest

    Explore the wonders of the forest habitat and its inhabitants through hands-on activities and a guided walk. Focus on trees, […]

  • Farm Friends

    Meet our farm animals…horses, cows, chickens and goats. Then try out some farm chores including feeding the chickens and churning […]

  • Get Lost!

    Combine science, math, and history by experimenting with basic map and compass use. Following a series of hands-on activities, teams […]

  • Got Plants?

    Learn the ways that plant breeders and scientists grow new plants without using seeds? Student will then propagate a different […]